What does BNK means

The lighting of wind turbines always moves between the acceptance of the residents and the safety required by air traffic control. The aviation lights of the wind turbines at night can lead to acceptance problems for wind energy in the population. With the constantly progressing development of the turbines, which means larger towers and rotor blades, marking remains necessary from the point of view of flight safety.

Since 2015, the Federal Council has given its approval to the needs-based night-time beaconing. This means that the lights can remain switched off if there is no air traffic in which a detection system provides space around the wind turbines.

This enables a significant reduction of up to 95% in the number of activated lights.

The new Energy collective law (EEG)

With the resolution of the new Energy Collection Act, night-time beaconing in line with demand (BNK) was made mandatory. This can be done by using various technologies and applies to both existing and newly erected wind turbines.

This regulation will become mandatory on 1 July 2020, which means that the wind turbines will have to be equipped with the technical components required for night-time identification at the latest from that date.

Our solutions

As a result of the new energy collection law, above all the existing installations has to be equipped with flight marking, which can also process the BNK signals.

We offer open solutions for signal processing. This means that we can integrate all providers of BNK solutions on the market into our systems. This also applies to our lighting systems which have been installed on wind turbines for several years.

There are different possibilities for this: