Crane marking

procandela obstacle lighting system for the night marking of tower cranes according to the German AVV and ICAO. The procandela systems are designed for maximum availability with the greatest possible cost-effectiveness and therefore the ideal choice for the identification of your crane system.

  • Obstacle fire ETL03-10-360 Ind
    • Light intensity: 10cd, 360 ° (AVV and ICAO low-intensity type A)
    • Optionally available as 32cd version
    • Power consumption: 1.5W
    • Housing: anodised aluminum seawater resistant
    • Temperature range: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C
    • Protection class: IP66
    • Lifetime:> 100,000h
    • Weight: 0.4kg
    • Dimensions: 96 x 74 x 67mm
    • Optional: various adapters and mounting options available, plug-in electrical connection
  • Connection cable 4G0.5 * (shielded)
  • Control cabinet in various versions:
    • Material: Sheet steel powder coated or stainless steel VA2
    • UPS: without UPS (200x200x120mm) or up to 100 days UPS (500x500x210mm)
    • Input: 230VAC
    • Output: 24VDC
    • Status: obstruction fire status contact available
    • Optional: Various overvoltage devices available; Twilight sensor for day / night switching; Mounting kit over magnets, adapter plates
  • Obstacle fire set available in other variants:
    For high crane variants> 45 m also available with additional medium-intensity after-firing
    For crane variants without red / white mast marking also available with medium intensity day / night fire


  • Customizable
  • AVV and ICAO certified
  • universal mounting options (magnet, screw connection, etc.)
  • long life:> 100.000h
  • low power consumption
  • optional sensors