Procandela beaconing offers multiple solutions for every operating site and use case. We secure the airspace sustainably, reliably and cost-optimized with the most modern technology.

Obstacle beacons are required to mark towers, supplement gondola marking or for marking other aviation obstacles.

All infrared beacons operate with a wavelength of 850nm, marking them ideally suitable for the use of night vision devices.

Effective luminous: 25mW/sr to 600 mW/s

Illuminants: 12 LEDs, infrared

Wavelength: 850 nm

Power consumption: < 20W

Dimensions: Diameter 100 x 220 mm

Weight: 1,0 kg

Approval: Trafi, MOD


  • Aluminium, seawater-resistant, anodised
  • Various installation options available: Screw fixing with flange, magnet fixing, special solutions etc.
  • Simple installation
  • Integrated fault contact facilitates fault monitoring
  • Low power consumption